Your Most Vital Book of the Bible

In a recent research study it was found that when students were told a particular textbook was of vital importance they consistently over estimated how much it physically weighed.  Just the opposite result occurred when told a book was irrelevant. Our minds do interesting things.  Reading about this made me wonder about books of the Bible.  Are some more relevant than others and if so which ones?

I used to work for one of my college professors who was an Old Testament chronologist.  He loved the Kings and the Chronicles.  I have some preacher friends who are convinced the most relevant book of the Bible is Revelation.  They know all about the Seven Trumpets and the Last Plagues.  I know an English teacher who most values the Psalms. My theologian friends think Romans is the crown jewel.  When I was little I must have been mentally ill because I thought the gore of Judges was fascinating.  When the sermons got boring out came Judges.  If those stories had been in any other book other than the Bible my parents would have been horrified that I was reading them.  Thankfully as I matured my ideas also matured.  For a long time I thought the Gospel of John was the best.  Now I find Ephesians to be my favorite.

It would be an interesting study to correlate the ages, occupations, genders and hobbies of people with their favorite book of the Bible.  Surely we would find some interesting psychological traits matching their selections.  I am tempted to ask you to respond and tell me which book or passage is the most vital.  I would have to promise not to make psychological assumptions about you.   Instead, perhaps we can all agree that the most vital passage is John 3:16.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 10, 2014

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