No Grumps in Heaven

I watched Family Feud this evening and I am tired of people “high-fiving” each other.  During one of the commercial breaks in three of the eight commercials people were “high-fiving.”  It was cute 24 years ago when Kevin was left “Home Alone.”  But enough is enough.  Is it just me or do you also get tired of things that are run into the ground by excessive repetition?  Do you remember the “Where’s the Beef” little old lady?  I am so glad that finally died out.  I weary of preachers asking for amens.  I figure if what was said was worthy of an amen, he will get one.  But please don’t ask me to amen you.  I might think what you said was trite.

Wow.  I just read that last paragraph and I sound like a grumpy old man.  I wonder how old you have to be before one is allowed to be grumpy.  People sometimes say old people are grumpy because they don’t feel good.  But I feel good.  I enjoyed my walk this evening and loved the rumbling of thunder overhead.  I just want to be grumpy because I enjoy it.  Can you imagine what those people were like in the Book of Genesis who lived for 600 plus years?  Talk about grumpy!

I shouldn’t be grumpy.  Jesus loves me.  He also loves you.  Jesus has forgiven all my malicious and stupid sins.   He will also forgive yours.  Jesus has promised me an eternity of endless intellectual growth.   He also promises that to you.   I have a great wife, two terrific sons and six grandchildren who are smarter than yours.  So shame on me for being grumpy.  I don’t think there will be grumps in heaven so I better knock it off.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 3, 2014

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