Huge Issues

When God asked Adam about eating the fruit Adam blamed Eve.  Surely Eve blamed the serpent and I’m sure the serpent blamed Satan and Satan blamed God.  That has been his game-plan right from the beginning.  Tornados and earthquakes are called “Acts of God.”  The rationale is that God could have stopped them had He chosen so.  That’s true.  He could have.  However, God is in a battle with Lucifer (Satan) and should God continually intervene in the affairs of earth this pail of pain could never be put to an end.   Lucifer would take credit for all the good and continue to smear God’s character.   This drama has to play itself out to the bitter end so when it is put to an end it will never happened again.  Everyone must know that God is love and just and wants the best for His children.  Does God ever have a good day?  He has to witness millions of events every day that are not His will but are the bad choices of Adam’s children.

Jesus came to pay the redemptive price for sin.  Death is the natural consequence of our sins.  He paid the price but cannot accept the blame.  That has to go to the one who started the mess.

In our ignorance and inability to see the big picture we are confused and continually ask, “Why me?”   Bad things happen to good people.  We and our choices are the lesson book to be studied for all time.  Our contribution is part of an intellectual vaccination that will ultimately end pain and death forever.   While Satan might desire us to think so, God is not responsible.  There are universal issues beyond our comprehension.

Written by Roger Bothwell on June 19, 2014

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