Hail to the Chief

We attended a small private school 8th grade graduation this evening in Worcester, MA.   Just a mile away President Obama was speaking at a large graduation.  You can imagine the security with all the closed roads and helicopters overhead.  As we walked into the lobby of the church a little boy, who looked to be about six, stared at me for a moment, cautiously approached and said, “Are you the President?”   Needless to say he made my evening.

I have heard stories of people doing wonderful things for a child only for the child to ask, “Are you Jesus?”  My event wasn’t nearly that great.  But how grand it is that we do have opportunities to be like Jesus.  We can, if we are watching, find people around us with serious needs.  If we make them happy we make our community a happier place.  If we make our community happier we make our world a happier place.

In Ephesians 2 Paul speaks of God having special work for each of us.  How I wish He would send us an email with instructions.  He is more subtle than that.  He infuses us with His Spirit tooling us for the tasks.  Often we do it and we don’t even know we have done so.  Someday we will find out specifically what it was and then we will be the happy ones knowing we did our best.  In the meantime it seems to be that our task is to be tooled and ready.  Ask for His guidance and somewhere, sometime we will do something for eternity that no one else could ever have done.

Written by Roger Bothwell on June 12, 2014

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