When Things Break

It has been one of those days.  We all have them.   This was mine. My lawn mower broke, the lever to release the hood of my car stopped working and two bolts simultaneously fell out of the bottom of the chair at my computer and thus dumped me on the floor.  Nice day.  Actually it really is a nice day because I could create a list of a hundred things that did work today.  So the glass isn’t even half empty.  It is just a smidgen empty.  So much the quality of life is the result of that which we choose to focus upon.

But life seems more interesting when we trouble talk.  Misery loves company and since we all have those days you really don’t want to hear me speak about the good things that are happening.  It is the broken things that make us shake our heads and make us want to hear more.  We are perverse creatures.  The evening news isn’t filled with all the things in the world that went right today.  Imagine how interested we would be if we saw a headline that read, “Canada had a great day.”   Networks flourish on supplying us with bad-news stories and often they don’t even have any facts.  Someone stares into the camera with a microphone telling us what might have happened.  We seem to love it.

Actually some of the networks now finish the evening news with a feel good story. When the camera comes back to Bryan Williams sometimes he is a bit misty as he signs off.  So I figured I would finish this with the best feel good story of all time.  Jesus loves you.  Yes you.  Nothing could be finer.

Written by Roger Bothwell on June 10, 2014

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