Each of Us Is a Marketer

When we arise in the morning we begin a marketing campaign.  We shower so we will not offend other’s olfactory nerves.  We shave or trim.  We brush our teeth. (Please do.) We put on makeup to add some color.  (“If the barn needs painting, paint it.”  H.M.S. Richards, Sr.) We comb our hair and hopefully put on clothes that match.  We are marketers and the product is us.  This is not a modern phenomenon.  For thousands of years humans have been decorating themselves.  Tribes deep in the rain forests put on their best.

Off to the workplace we go, often pretending that we know what we are doing.  One of life’s basic rules is fake it until you can do it because perception is important. What is sometimes disconcerting is when we are given awards for excellence and we think we are still acting.  I often feel like this in regards to my role as a Christian.  If people knew what I really think about things, I would be put out of any congregation.  But I pretend to be nice and I pretend to know things even though I am not sure of many things.  I owe it to my Savior.   I am not only marketing myself but more importantly I am marketing Jesus.  I want people to see Him and desire to be like Him and that most likely will not happen if I, who profess His name, am offensive.

Just as the CEO of a major corporation has a lot at stake for the sake of his shareholders, we have an eternity at stake for those who know us.  What is fascinating about all of this is little by little reality replaces the pretending and we really are what we are marketing.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 12, 2014

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