Looking Good

I love people who are self-individualized.  So many of us try to fit in and not draw attention.  It seems that we don’t want to be noticed, as if we are fearful to be different. I have a student who comes to class each day looking different from the last class.  Today she arrived wearing pink contact lens and bright red lipstick.  There was no way not to notice her.  Last week she looked like Mortica from the 1960’s television program the Addams family.  She is a delightful person and very intelligently participates in class discussions.  Today she told me her boss at work isn’t as enthusiastic about her appearance as I was.  Granted, if I had a daughter I most likely would be uncomfortable if she did this.  However, it isn’t harming anyone and she brings smiles to her fellow classmates, which is more than I can say about some stuffy church members I know.

God loves variety.  There is such an array of differences in this small world.  Just watching the birds at our birdfeeder is a royal treat.  Sometimes when I am at the mall with my wife, I let her shop while I sit and people watch.  They are ever so much more interesting than birds.  Yesterday I saw a man who looked like Joseph Merrick, the elephant man.  We simultaneously came to the same door and he graciously opened it for me and allowed me to enter first.  His kindness made him look so much better.

Teens often experiment with strange hair colors and other decorations.  How wonderful it would be if we enthusiastically welcomed them to church each week, smiling instead of frowning.  It will make us look so much better.

Written by Roger Bothwell on February 4, 2014

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