Winter Visitors

We have two visitors who seem to be comfortable in our woods despite our very threatened dog. They have been with us for almost two weeks.  It’s hunting season.  I think they feel secure close to a house.  This morning upon seeing them and telling them this was her woods our black lab promptly squeezed in between me and the bathroom sink.  Perhaps she should stay close to me.  A few years ago when we lived in Northern California I looked out the window to see our cocker spaniel come tearing out of the woods with a large deer hot on her tail.

Tomorrow evening the temperature will drop into the single digits.  I find myself wanting to invite them inside where it will be warm.  However, I know they will be just fine.  This afternoon I watched them experience a thirty mile per hour wind gust and they paid no more attention to it than they had the two gray squirrels that scurried between their legs earlier this morning.  I’m still waiting to see a moose which my neighbors tell me they have seen.

God was very busy the sixth day of creation.  Our world teems with a huge variety of life forms.  It is no wonder He finished that day with the pronouncement, “That is very good.”  Yes, it was.  Now that astronomers are able to spot planets moving around suns thousands of light years away they have announced this week that there are more planets in the universe than suns.   If only one ninth of them are as lovely as our earth we have many places to visit.  As Robert Frost once said, “and miles to go before I sleep.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on January 14, 2012

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