A Thanksgiving Promise
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A Thanksgiving Promise

Thanksgiving is inventory time.  It’s time to count one’s assets.  I have noted that the longer I live the longer grows the positive side of my life’s balance sheet.  Of course there are some negatives.  If there weren’t we wouldn’t call it a balance sheet.  However, the positives are so heavily weighted on my balance sheet, if I were a public corporation selling stock the share value would be rising every day.

Have you ever had so much good happen to you that you started worrying about what was coming, because you know in a world filled with disasters and disappointments the streak cannot keep going?  I have family and friends.  I have a warm home in a wonderfully snowy New England.  I have my health.  Yes, I do.  I am better.  After eight years of struggling with leukemia and trying five different kinds of chemo and trying experimental procedures in Philadelphia I am finally better, not from the list I just mentioned, but from a new pill just made available a few months ago and it works.  Thank you for all your prayers.

It is the prayers that bring me to my/our best blessing.  We have a God who truly is a loving and caring Father.  It was risky when Jesus told us to call God, Our Father.   It was risky because some people have lousy fathers.  I was blessed with a good one.  If you had a lousy father then think of God as the father you wish you had had because He is the best.  He is so good He makes Opie’s dad, Sheriff Taylor, look bad.

If your balance sheet has lots of negatives let me assure you that our heavenly Father knows and is going to be sure to compensate you for that with wonders untold.  That’s a Thanksgiving Promise.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 27, 2014

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