“As Always”

Brian Williams, the news anchor for NBC each evening at 6:30, often invites guests to speak to a particular story.  When they are finished Mr. Williams concludes by saying, “As always.”  Since my awareness level has been raised I am hearing it quite often in many arenas.  But what does “As always” mean?   I looked it up and all I could find was “forever” or “no change.”   So if you are my friend and I say to you, “As always” that must mean you will be my forever friend.   However, if I don’t like you and say to you, “As always” that must mean I will never like you.  Ouch. “As always” is a major commitment.  When we get married we only vow until death do us part.

God can make and does make that commitment to us.  John 3:16 is the ultimate “As always” promise.  God so loved – always.   Shall not perish – always.  Have everlasting (always) life.   Hebrews 13:8 puts it this way, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Jesus told His disciples that if we see Him we also see the Father.  In the Old Testament God often comes across as being harsh.  In the New Testament He is like Jesus – very forgiving.  He didn’t change.  As the centuries rolled by people got to know Him better.  The Old Testament is the story of Jehovah contending with the plethora of gods that surrounded Israel.  Sometimes some of the attributes of those pagan gods were transferred to Jehovah.  But finally Jesus came.  That was revolutionary.  Jesus was like dark glasses being taken from human eyes and there was Jehovah and Jesus – the same.  It was awesome.  He is “As always.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 30, 2013

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