Jesus Is Color
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Jesus Is Color

Because our bedroom windows face the rising sun, the room can get extremely bright at five in the morning during the summer.  Thus we have light blocking shades.  No light pierces that barrier but it does slice through the cracks between the edges of the shades and the window frames.  There is something about light that will not be denied.   Jesus called Himself the Light of the World.  He said, “You have seen me you have seen the Father.”  For thousands of years Satan managed to distort the true character of God.  God was depicted as being harsh, vindictive and capricious. Nothing could be further from the truth.  When Jesus came that all changed.  Jesus taught us to pray by beginning with “Our Father.”  That was revolutionary.

Light is color.  Jesus is color.  The Father is color.  The black and white world of crushing those who did not measure up was past.   Jesus ushered in a world of forgiveness and redemption for God’s children.  Satan hates Jesus for exposing the heresy he had foisted upon mankind.  The challenge was to pervert the truth.  Tell people they are saved by grace and add the word “But.”  Everything that follows “But” negates what preceded it.  “Yes,” Satan said, “you are saved by grace, “But” you have to do this or do that.  With the Galatians it was circumcision.  However, you can substitute anything for circumcision.  It all cancels the Good News.  Paul wrote, “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?”  We know who it was.  It was God’s enemy, our enemy.  If he can’t live forever then he wants to make sure we don’t.  But light will not be denied.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 15, 2013

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