The Mayonnaise Jar
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The Mayonnaise Jar

It all started days ago when I thoughtlessly put the mayonnaise jar back in the fridge with the lid unscrewed.  It finished today when I lifted the jar out of the fridge holding only the lid.  Fortunately the jar was plastic and not glass, but that contributed to what followed. The impact on the floor enabled the plastic to collapse and pop back propelling a huge amount of mayonnaise onto the front of a cupboard.  It stuck like wind-driven snow against the side of a building.  I love my dog. It wasn’t long until the cupboard was spotless and I never had to lift a finger. Ah, life has its moments and this was one of them.  She is such a good dog.

This isn’t the first mess I have made in life.  Some have been much messier and more difficult to clean up.  Ah, that is what Jesus is all about.  He has come after me so many times cleaning up.  What is amazing about this is many of the people involved can remember the stories with great detail, often enhanced for effect, but Jesus doesn’t remember them at all.  Someday when I ask Him about some of them He will say, “What, I don’t recall.”  How I wish people were like Jesus.  Perhaps the biggest cross we have to bear is unforgetting “friends.”

Jesus is so much better than that.  Jesus is so much better than anyone.  He is the ultimate cleaner. “If we confess He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  How grand.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 14, 2013

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