What I Really Want
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What I Really Want

In John 14 Jesus said, “Whatever you ask in my name it will be given to you.” If this were so all of us would be riding around in luxury cars, living in luxury homes, eating killer diets and not needing health care insurance.  But wait, if we all were doing so, who would go to work to make the cars, build the houses and raise the food?  Everyone would be a Christian for the wrong reason.  Our characters would be corrupted and everything Jesus taught would be nullified.  Jesus’ name would become “hocus pocus.”  Furthermore, giving a child all they ask for is terrible parenting and God is not a terrible parent.

The key of understanding is the expression “in my name.”   In His name is an expression of trust that when we ask He will respond in the utmost best way for us.   He knows what we really desire is happiness, growth and eternal life.  Each prayer is uniquely answered with these root desires in mind. This week I stopped to look at a row of luxury cars.  They were pretty – inside and out.  However, what was more appalling than the sticker price was the posted estimated gas mileage.  It was horrible and I might add sinful.  For the sake of personal comfort and more than a little vanity they expect us to add to the ruination of our small planet by driving their product and using twice the gasoline we need so we can get from pillar to post in STYLE.

If I asked God for one of those cars and if He gave it to me, together, God and I would be violating what we both really want.  I want a better world and God knows that.  Asking in His name means trusting Him to give me what I REALLY want.

Written by Roger Bothwell on April 5, 2011

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