On The Home Keys
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On The Home Keys

I had this fairly lengthy passage to copy from a book into my computer.  As my fingers typed away I knew I was on a roll.  It was one of those days when everything was functioning in high gear.  My typing teacher from high school would have been so proud of me.  I was way over fifty words a minute.  It felt so good.  Then I paused and looked at the page I had just blazed into my document.  I gasped.  It was gibberish. It made no sense.  Then I saw my error.  The fingers of my right hand were not on the home keys. Even though the J key has a raised dash on the bottom edge I never felt for it.

One of the classes I used to teach at our little college is Intro to Philosophy.  I loved the class.  It was great fun to see the students light up to new ideas.  One of the things I discovered while teaching that class was a person can develop some very tight logic and yet end up with a wild position because they did not start on the right foundation of truth.  Jesus said it so well when He spoke of building a house upon the sand.  Some very great minds developed some very strong positions by carefully going from one logical step to the next.  But because they began on sand they ended up with positions that have grown dusty and musty.

Paul had it right.  He wrote, “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”  When you start there you end up with life and there is nothing dusty or musty about that.  Please see I Corinthians 3:11

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 6, 2011

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