A Bright Red Truck
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A Bright Red Truck

If I thought he was crotchety you should have seen her; gray, hunched over and making those shuffle steps unique with the aged.  What happened next was wonderful.  He opened the truck door for her as she crawled into the passenger’s seat.  Using the truck for balance and support he went around to the driver’s side and mounted himself behind the steering wheel of a bright red Dodge Ram 1500 with a Hemi.  The hood was scooped and ready to suck air.  The special mufflers rumbled as he pulled away leaving me a view of his chrome pipes.  It was magnificent!

Life only stops when we decide it is over.  I have known people in their fifties who pretty much stopped.  Obviously it wasn’t this elderly, I will not call them old, couple. I wondered if they were heading home for an evening of romance.  I wouldn’t doubt it.  Maybe it was a first date or perhaps a 5000th!

Life is a wonderful mystery that takes place in our minds.  As our senses pour data into its library we classify, sort and decide just what we are going to do with the data.  Some use it to reinforce bad memories and others use it to springboard ahead for the next adventure.  In John 10:10 Jesus told us He came to give us the abundant life.  That’s for now and the future.  He shares the secret of that abundance.  It is service and being inventive in hospitality.  The more ways we conceive for helping others are more ways for blessings to come our way.  Blessings are like tide.  They go out and shortly thereafter they come flooding back.  It’s a great system designed by the One who is Himself the source of all blessings.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 25, 2011

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