Feed Me
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Feed Me

This evening one of my students told us about his five-month-old son with a voracious appetite.  Once he starts eating they cannot feed him fast enough.  As soon as the spoon nears his mouth he leans into it, sucks it down and immediately makes noises wanting more and more.  As he was telling us about his son I kept thinking about the lyrics “bread of heaven feed me till I want no more.”

Can we actually get enough so we would want no more?  As delicious as it is to feed at the feet of Jesus and soak in the promises and His word, I think the answer is yes.  We have limited capacity to absorb so much in a specified amount of time.  When I hear or read a marvelous new idea about Jesus, I need time to contemplate.  I need to stow it away in my mind and roll it around in the lobes inside my head.  Sometimes I stop at the perfume counter in a department store and spray a sample on my arm and then another on the other arm and another on the back of my hand and another on the back of the other hand.  At some point my nose says, “That’s enough. Stop it.”

But back to ideas, I do want another.  It is an endless process because our minds can never be full.  Just as we will live forever, our minds will forever soak up and retain great ideas.  The feeding at Jesus’ feet will be so much better than the bread and fish He fed the 5000.   That was physical.   What we are talking about is mental and spiritual.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 20, 2011

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