The Salt of the Earth
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The Salt of the Earth

Friday evening after spending a delightful evening with friends by their fireplace we followed a salt truck for about twenty miles on our way home. The next morning I opened the door to the garage and was overwhelmed by being the owner of a white car.  Yesterday it was maroon.

One of the great dilemmas of life is one cannot spend time in certain environments without being changed.  I only need spend a weekend with friends in Georgia before my speech changes.  Once returned to New England it changes again.  So how did Jesus do it?   When His enemies accused Him of eating and drinking with sinners they were but telling the truth.  He did. Yet He remained steadfast and pure.  While He did not like what they did He apparently made them feel comfortable with His presence.  They continued to invite Him to their parties.

Jesus encourages us to be the salt of the earth.  Our influence and presence is supposed to enhance those around us.   We cannot be so if we remain in the shaker.  We cannot continually associate with those like ourselves and expect to be of use to the world.  Yet comes the danger of being so diluted and polluted we cease to be salty.

When I was in my late teens I worked on a construction crew building a school.  One day I overhead the foreman scolding the older men for their speech around me.  They were supposed to clean up their act because he knew I was planning to attend the seminary.  So could it be possible we do make a difference and just not know it.  Please reread the Sermon on the Mount.   Matthew 5,6,7

Written by Roger Bothwell on January 14, 2010

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