Strength Is for Service
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Strength Is for Service

For about two or three weeks we had workmen doing home repairs and some remodeling in the kitchen.  We have been in this home now for sixteen years and it was time to give it some tender loving care.  Three of the workmen were a father, the boss, and his two grown sons.  Those two young men were amazing.  If my wife or sister arrived home and started to take things from the car they dropped everything and rushed to help.  They even had a fit when they saw me carrying something fairly heavy.  I received a lecture about my age!  These fellows remind me of Romans 15:1 in the Message paraphrase, “Strength is for service, not status.”    While it is true Paul is talking about our strength in the Lord, the idea does transfer over to physical strength.

God gives us blessings so we can be a blessing.  We are to be conduits through which God can funnel His strength, His riches, His health and His happiness to the world.  While it is true He could send angels to distribute good things He knows how much joy can come to us if we allow Him to use us.

This is one of the really nice things about being a citizen of God’s Kingdom.   We don’t have to wait to be recipients of the privileges that accompany citizenship.  The more we share the more He will give to us, so the sharing can continue and spread.  It’s hoarders who don’t receive much. They get just enough to get by.  Why should they receive much if all they are going to do is to see if they need to build bigger barns?

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 13, 2010

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