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Do you ever feel like grousing?  Every once in a while it feels good to complain about something.  Pollyanna can stay in the next room while we just vent. We don’t want anyone saying, “Now, now.”  Well, I am in one of those moods.  I looked at my Comcast cable bill.  There are 11 different charges, fees and taxes.  The one that really gripes me is the twenty-five cent monthly charge for the remote control.  Really now!  Maybe I ought to send them a rent bill for the space their remote takes up in my house. There now I have vented.

Now I want to say something nice about an organization that is usually the target for venters.   I want to commend the United States Post Office for forwarding to me a letter addressed to where we used to live.  It has been fifteen years since we lived at that old address.  Hooray for the Post Office.

Probably every day brings us something to “Hooray” about.  It’s just easier and seems more natural to focus on what didn’t go well.  We notice the one or two cars that pull out in front of us and don’t think about the two or three hundred cars that did not.  We complain about the traffic delays around road repair crews, but we also complain about the potholes.  Really we can’t have it both ways.  Life pretty much is what we choose it to be.  I used to think God was unfair for making us all suffer because of Adam and Eve.  But Paul reminds us that God is fair.  He proclaims us righteous by the death and righteousness of Jesus.  You can’t complain about that.   See Romans 5.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 11, 2009

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