Car Shopping and Friends
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Car Shopping and Friends

My wife and I went car shopping today.  She actually enjoys it.  I have this perverted idea that once upon the lot I have become prey as the vultures begin to circle.  I stopped buying new cars decades ago and now look for a nice pre-owned (Don’t you love that substitution for “used.”) car.  Today we spotted a really nice 2006 with factory warranty left.  It had lots of bells and whistles and I was eager to take it for a test drive.  Much to our disappointment it didn’t ride any better than the car we have and the one we have desperately needs new struts.  I guess after 128,000 miles that isn’t too bad. Sorrowfully I walked away from it.  It was a beauty.  I would tell you the name of the car but we have some really good friends who own one and I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

The feelings of friends are very important.  I like my friends.  Friends are way more important than any car or any opinion I have about one.  Don’t you hate it when you misspeak and suddenly realize you have hurt a friend?   Once the words are spoken you can’t suck them back Jesus’ brother James certainly understood this. His third chapter is full of valuable counsel regarding our need to watch what we say.

Have you ever met a Christian who thinks being honest means saying everything he thinks?  These people leave a trail of devastation behind while thinking they are honoring God by always speaking the truth.   The truth is one can be honest and loving by being judicious.  Jesus was a model of such behavior.  The night He stood before Herod He must have been thinking amazing thoughts.  He chose to be silent!

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 25, 2009

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