System Restoration
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System Restoration

Apparently I inadvertently clicked on the wrong something because suddenly my PC had a little balloon start popping up every few seconds telling me there was a security threat to my computer data.  After a few pops it then opened windows on the screen that refused to be layered by new windows I would open.  Basically it took over my computer and I could not get rid of it.  I ran Doctor Spyware and other programs, which claimed my computer was safe and clean, but this nefarious malware continued to dominate my screen. Finally I was able to get to the System Restore command.  And how wonderful it was to return my computer to its healthy state of yesterday.

Restoration to a better time and situation is a marvelous thing.  Basically that is what the Good News is all about.  We, people, had it great in Eden and we threw it away. The story of redemption is the story of restoration. Back to Eden we go, or at least to an Eden-like place.

 I wish I could tell you along with forgiveness comes a removal of the consequences of our sins.  Alas, if I hold up the corner grocery store, I, no matter how repentant, will have to go to jail.   Jesus will forgive me. He will erase my sin in the books of heaven and look at me as if I had never sinned.  He will restore me.  But I will have to enjoy that restoration as a guest of the State of Massachusetts.  Sin comes with consequences.  That’s why it is sin.

Written by Roger Bothwell on June 25, 2008

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