Real Honor
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Real Honor

I’m sitting here watching the Kennedy Center Honors.  As I watch the honorees receive standing ovations and the accolades of friends it occurred to me the real honor, the real joy were the years of accomplishment.  It was the doing. It was the work. It was the learning. It was the talent used that was/is the real honor.  It would be empty to have others honor you if you did not know you put in the sweat, long hours and often tears. The joy is the work and the satisfaction of doing something well.  Long ago I had a young man in his twenties come to my office and pour out his heart because he wasn’t being recognized for his talent.  I told him it was three decades too soon to be making such a speech and if it was recognition he was looking for there was a great chance he would never find it.  But if he would forget the fame and put his hand to the plow, the recognition would come when and if it had been earned.

God has given us talents. Real happiness in life isn’t having others tell you how wonderful you are.  It is knowing you have taken the talent you have been given and used it to the best of your strength.  Jesus’ parable of the man who gave his servants talents comes to mind.  Two used them but the third buried his.  It was not a happy day for the third when his master returned.  Forget the accolades.

Live the abundant life by using what we have. The joy is in the doing regardless if any other human ever knows. You will know and God will know and that’s a great audience.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 31, 2008.

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