Personal Is Best. Maybe.
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Personal Is Best. Maybe.

I am wondering if one’s theology forms the basis of one’s disposition or is it the other way around?  Harsh people seem to have a harsh God and gentle people seem to serve a God of mercy and grace.   Do we form God in our image or do we allow the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospels to educate us as toGod’s true nature?  Do the biased glasses that taint all we see not even allow us to see God’s true nature even in the New Testament accounts?

I was taken back today by a stark truth blurted out in the midst of a classroom discussion.  A student who had taken a strong position on the side of what he thought was justice said to another student, “Easy for you tosay. You have a father!”

Ouch.  There it was.  It wasn’t merely the absence of a caring father.  It was the total absence of a father.  As I looked over my class I wondered how many other students could have said the same.  Or would have substituted the descriptor “caring” with “vindictive” or worse.

It is not so easy revealing the true character of God.  Not so easy because I also wear biased glasses and have not one student with my background.  God is such a private personal thing.  I wonder at my audacity to try yet I do and shall continue to do.  Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world and tell.” John wrote, “We tell you what we saw with our own eyes and handled with our own hands.”  It’s always best when it is personal.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 25, 2008

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