And God Said, “Now I Can Help.”
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And God Said, “Now I Can Help.”

Term papers are due in my classes.  Oh you should hear all the excuses  .”It’s all done. I just need to dress it up for you so it looks nice.”  And on and on they go.   I just shake my head and say, “Okay, slide it under mydoor before you go home for the holiday.”  I have a colleague who tells me I am enabling slothful habits that will not serve my students well in the real world of work.  He is probably right. To be truthful I do it more for me than for them.  It isn’t worth the hassle to hear the pathetic lies.  For once I want to hear a student say, “Hey, I was neglectful and lazy. Can you give me a break?”

I wonder how often we lie to God?  We make up all kinds of reasons for our sins when the truth is we do them because it is fun or easy.  If it is hard for a student to get away with a lie to a teacher, just think how stupid it is to try to lie to God.  I once had a teacher who told me I had to begin my prayers by praising God.  But what if I don’t feel like praising Him?  What if I am genuinely angry at Him for some earthly horror?  I have come to believe God is hungry for honesty.  I believe He is more put off by false expressions of devotion to Him than by our venting our genuine frustrations. I doubt if He can really help us until we come clean.  If we are angry with Him, just tell Him so.  He will not strike us dead with a lightening bolt. He will most likely say, “Finally an honest soul.  Now I can help.”


Written by Roger Bothwell on December 10, 2008

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