A Spiritual Index
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A Spiritual Index

I had a few moments yesterday to talk with a Fed-Ex delivery driver. Naturally our conversation turned to the economy and he told me his average day’s deliveries are 50% of what they were six months ago, indicating a major economic slowdown.   Afterward I wondered if we could develop a national economic index by monitoring Fed-Ex and UPS package deliveries.

Perhaps there already is one.

Later I wondered if we could develop a spiritual index indicating the health of one’s relationship with God.  We have a tendency to use numbers for all manner of measurements.  Perhaps we could keep a running tally on the number of minutes we spend each day watching television verses the number of minutes we spend in prayer or Bible study.   How many minutes a day do we talk to others about National Inquirer or Entertainment Today material verses the number of minutes we speak of a new spiritual insight obtained from our time spent in Bible study?

Actually that kind of activity would most likely ruin a real spiritual walk by turning it into a numbers game and perhaps a competition with others for bigger numbers which would most likely foster some sort of perverted pride like the Pharisee who prayed aloud on the corner.   Perhaps the best spiritual index would our joy at being able to participate in divine nature and our eagerness to share that joy with others.  Do you remember the restored leper at the close of Mark 1?   Jesus told him not to tell until he had been officially declared well by the local priest.   He couldn’t wait. Immediately he told everyone who would listen.


Written by Roger Bothwell on October 1, 2008

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