True Wealth
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True Wealth

She’s a sweet old dog.  It’s taken most all of the eight years since we brought her home to stop being a puppy.  She still gets excited when the doorbell rings but life has changed.  No longer do I have to call her to know where she is.  I just need to look down for she will be just a few feet away.  When I come home at night she follows me not only from room to room but also from chair to chair.  If I get up in the night and put my feet to the floor often they land on her side.  The house is never empty.

As I look at her I realize how quickly these eight years have gone and before another eight shall pass I will have to place her in the back yard beside another such faithful friend.  We can keep nothing nor can we keep anyone.  A moment of parting will come from everyone we love.  Shakespeare once wrote, “This thou perceiv’st, which makes thy love more strong. To love well which thou must leave ere long.

I once knew a man who would not allow himself to love because he feared the moment of parting. When I presided over his graveside service there were only a few present and no one wept for he who gives not love receives no love.   To love and be loved is true wealth.

Will I miss this old dog when she is gone?   Of course I will, but that day of pain has been more than compensated for by thousands of days of love.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 28, 2003.

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