Good Laws Have Good Reasons
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Good Laws Have Good Reasons

Is there anyone over the age three in this country that doesn’t know seatbelts save lives?  So why is it a police cruiser in Massachusetts that crashed while pursuing a runner has two distinct head smash marks on the inside of the windshield?  Could it be that both seatbelts failed?   I was amused that the local news showed pictures of the smashed cruiser’s windshield without specific comment.  They merely reported that both officers were in the hospital.  Oh, in Massachusetts one can be pulled over and ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt.

And what of a certain congressman with a horrible driving record who is currently indicted for vehicular manslaughter because he ran a stop sign and killed someone?

What is it with people who think laws are written for others but not them?  Could it be they have no concept of why a law is a law?  Good laws have good reasons.  If they do not, then change the law?  The only ethical reason one has for violating the law is when the law is unjust and lawmakers have not been properly motivated to change it.  Some people think position brings privileges without responsibility.  However, the truth is the higher the position the greater the responsibility.  It is a law of life not only in this country but everywhere in the world.  Actually, it is the law everywhere in the universe.  It is called natural law, which is the best kind.

In Galatians Paul explains to us that freedom is only freedom as long as one is intelligent enough to realize one’s responsibilities.  Otherwise it is stupid arrogance.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 2, 2003.

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