Really Worth Knowing
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Really Worth Knowing

It is an old chest of drawers.  I am absolutely sure it is older than dirt.  This evening the top drawer came out and refused to go back.  Is it not logical to assume if something unchangeably solid came out of an unchangeable hole it would go right back in?  That drawer has been in that slot for decades.  Perhaps that’s the reason it would not go back.  It was like a genie escaping from the bottle.  Both my wife and I pushed, begged and sweet-talked that drawer and it refused to go where it belonged.  I was tempted to think of James’ discussion about words coming out of a mouth and not being able to be put back.  And then suddenly after much fussing and fuming on my part with absolutely no resistance it quietly slipped back into place.  I have no idea at all why it went back and since I have no idea why it was so difficult I will not investigate any farther.   Sometimes ignorance is bliss and it is not worth trying to know.

When I was young I wanted to know everything.  Now I have become more selective.  There are some things we are much better off not knowing.  We all would have been better off if Eve had decided she did not want to know what would happen if she ate the fruit.  Alas, she ate it and we have been suffering ever since.  However, there are some things very much worth knowing and the one at the top of the list is “Jesus loves you very much.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 25, 2003.

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