The Power of Goodness
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The Power of Goodness

It isn’t rare to find inconsistency in psychological research.  One can find a study to support almost any bias; however, there is major consistency in studies seeking to answer the question, “What attracts a man to a woman and visa versa?”   Studies reveal, and this is no surprise to anyone, men are attracted to women because of the woman’s appearance.   However, women are attracted to men because of perceived power.   Studies also report men respect other men when they perceive the other man has power.

Power comes in many forms.  There is financial power.  People of means get to serve on boards of companies and institutions.   There is physical power.  We admire someone’s large biceps.  There is intellectual power.  Academic achievements, literary works, scientific discovery bring respect and honor to the scholar, author or scientist.  There is political power.  Charismatic people persuade us to vote for them thus giving them power.  There is moral power.  We respect our pastors and teachers only if they uphold standards worthy of such position.

Surely out of the above mentioned forms of power we need to add the power of goodness.  More than scholars, more than politicians, more than wealth the world needs people of noble character.   While it would be nice to have someone who never made a mistake, what we need is someone who even though he or she did err they erred on behalf of others and not themselves.

Our world is hungry for such men and women to lead us out of the dark morass of spin and into the light of truth and unselfish concern for others.


Written by Roger Bothwell on November 17, 2003.

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