Try Him Out
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Try Him Out

After over forty years of marriage I have noted an increase in misunderstandings and questionable glances. At first this puzzled me. It would seem after living life together so long we would be more understanding because we were both present at the same events. But I have it figured out. It’s all about hearing each other. She doesn’t hear everything I say and when I respond with my usual friendly grunts she doesn’t hear me and thinks I am ignoring her. Now I would love to leave you with the impression it is all her fault but alas I have noticed increasing numbers of times when I have to ask my students to repeat a question. So I am sure if she were talking to you now she would say, “He just doesn’t pay attention anymore. I say things to him and he just continues on his merry way.” The key to a great relationship is listening and I am not as good at it as I used to be.

In Psalm 20 verse 6 we are assured that God hears us. Midst the cacophony of the universe and the millions of prayers constantly being sent His way He hears us. You and I can be sure not a sigh goes unnoticed. When we talk to Him He often replies with a friendly grunt and we might not hear Him because of our inattention but be assured He did hear everything. It was, according to Elijah on Mount Carmel, Baal who was hard of hearing or sleeping or on a vacation. But our God never misses anything. So try Him out.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 20, 2003.
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