None of Us Knows What We Think We Know

Surely there has not been a more decent, honest and honorable man who was President of the United States than Jimmy Carter. Without a doubt he has had the most successful post-presidency of any man who ever lived in the White House. His foundation has reached out to provide clean water for the poor, medical care for the blind of the world and conflict resolution among nations.

His marriage with Rosalynn is an example for all of us. Interestingly, however, in an interview both of the Carters recalled how difficult it was to co-author a book. As each wrote the truth about events that had occurred in the White House they discovered their stories were very different. Each was sure the other was having memory problems because each was sure their version was what really happened.

Truth is difficult to know. Even the sincere see things through personal biases and faulty memories. So often we know only what we want to know, filtering out everything that contradicts what we want to believe. Perhaps the person most difficult to know the truth about is the person we see in the mirror. How very fortunate we are that the One who really knows the truth about us also loves us dearly and died for us. While we were sinners He gave His life for us that we should not only live but also actually grow into the person our dog thinks we are.

Written June 28, 2004