Want Ads

Looking through the want ads can be kind of fun especially if you don’t particularly want anything. Looking for something specific like a job can be very frustrating. Actually when you think about it, the Bible is really one big want ad. God is advertising a great product and hoping, as do all who run ads, that lots of people will respond.

God’s ad could come under several different categories. It could be a personal ad. “Friendly, loving, caring, sacrificing person of means looking for someone to share long-term relationship.” Not bad.

It could also come under real estate. “Mansion. Nice neighborhood. Good neighbors. Glorious views. Offered at sacrificial prices. Owner motivated.”

How about a help wanted ad? “Father-son business needs committed employee willing to travel. Great retirement, good medical, compensation out of this world.”

God could run an ad in almost every section of the want ads. How about this? “Cleaning service. Restore to new condition. Stain removal 100% guaranteed.”

Written in 2000