The Gift of Choice

One of the rewards of aging is the ever-increasing inventory of memories. Housed inside our heads is a marvelous archive of people and places. The real joy of having memories is our ability to recall them in vivid color with surround sound. No matter where our body is our mind can instantly transport us to any place we have ever been. And the memories can be filled with incredible ambiance.

The power of the human mind is awesome. It has infinite capacity unlike any computer. Have you ever heard adolescents complain that they are bored? Despite a house full of media devices and a library of videotapes they can’t find anything to do. The problem is they have not lived long enough. They often don’t have enough memories and their choices of thought are limited.

Choice is God’ gift to each of us. At any moment we can choose our thoughts. We can turn off the radio and television and think our own thoughts. We can be creative. We can blend memories of one place with another weaving the tapestry of a good life. If you want your past to be good or if you want it to be horrible, it is your choice. The creation of life is the product of our choice.

Written in 2001