A Watch Battery

A watch battery is such a tiny little thing. Yet it will power a timepiece with precision for two or three years. In a two-year period it will push the second hand around and around 1,051,200 times. If it lasts three years it will push it around 1,576,800 times. How does that tiny battery contain all that power?

When we hold our Bibles what enormous power is in our hands! Real power! We hold the power to change human lives. Our Bibles contain the ideas of God. Nothing is more powerful than an idea. Nothing is more powerful than idea from God. Ideas change the world. God’s ideas change the universe. And when we hold our Bibles, we hold those ideas in our hands.

The ideas of God render the ideas of man to kindergarten. The ideas of God are the wisdom of the ages. The ideas of God answer the great philosophical questions of mankind. The ideas of God—not Plato or Nietzche–tell us who we are, why we are here and where we are going.

God’s ideas are the power unto salvation.

First posted August 4, 2000