A Moment in the Supermarket

The little girl gazed with expectant eyes as her daddy put his coins in the machine. Ever so carefully he maneuvered the stainless steel claw toward the coveted teddy bear in the big glass case. There would be no second chance if he missed snatching it from the pile of goodies. The teddy would wait for another day or worse yet for another little girl’s daddy to snatch it.

Her face lit up when the claw picked up the teddy. But it dangled like it would fall.

“Oh, daddie-e-e-e-e,” she cried.

Ever so carefully he moved it towards the opening through which it would fall into her eager hands. Suddenly it looked ready to slip from the grasp of the claw. And then it happened. It fell off the claw onto the side of the opening. Where was the center of gravity? Would a tiny teddy arm catch and hold the treasure inside the machine? It held for just a moment and then fell through the opening into her hands.

What squeals of delight! Her curls bounced as she danced with joy. But there was even a better sight to behold. It was the look of triumph on her daddy’s face.

What do you suppose God looks like when we are saved?