The Revolving Door

I was enjoying people-watching as I sat in a hospital lobby waiting for my wife to appear outside the door with our car. The revolving door to the outside was quite large and handled lots of people coming and going. I particularly watched a cane carrying elderly lady slowly approach the door. For a just a moment she paused and then stepped in. Around she went – once, twice and finally on her third revolution I realized she had lost her bearings and couldn’t get out. Quickly I went to her and aided her outside.

She was so typical of millions of people living their lives and going nowhere. Each day is the same as they go round and round with little direction or goals in life other than getting their next paycheck. I found myself being so grateful to have Jesus in my life. In John 14:6 Jesus declared Himself to be The Way. The question is the way where. Jesus continued on “to the Father.” Now that is a destination everyone should want. To be with the Father is to have a life filled with grace, forgiveness, joy and eternal happiness. This is the life for which we were created.

The little old lady lost in the revolving door was so grateful for guidance and I must confess I felt so very good by being able to assist. I do so want to encourage you to take inventory of where you are going. If you find yourself merely going in circles go to Jesus and let Him guide you into eternity and while doing so find another to take with you. It’s more than time to get out of the revolving door and live the fullest life possible.