Follow Me

I had plenty of fuel to get home to the Napa Valley when I departed from Redlands, California. But soon, while over the western edge of the Mohave Desert, I encountered much stronger head winds than forecast. It became evident I was going to have to refuel somewhere up the coast. Fuel consumption is measured not in miles covered but in hours in the air. As I neared San Francisco I decided it would be interesting to stop at SFO. I fully expected the control tower to bring me in on a small runway designed for private aviation but was pleasantly surprised to be led to one of the two giant side by side runways designed for 747s. It was a real treat.

As soon as I touched down a truck appeared in front of me with a large sign that read, “Follow me.” He would lead me to fuel. As I taxied behind him I thought how interesting it would be if the sign read, “Matthew 16:24.” Few pilots would even have a clue. This was in such contrast to construction trucks on highways that say, “Don’t follow me.”

We all follow someone. Whether our pride allows it or not each of us is influenced by role models and our behavior, upon study, would reveal who it is. Following Jesus is the best ever role model anyone anywhere could ever emulate. He will take us to destinations far beyond our ability to think or imagine. He will not only change our behavior, He will make us anew. Following Jesus is not “off to see the wizard” but off to see unnumbered worlds filled with dazzling creatures who have never sinned and have only lived to serve others. Come with me. Let’s live forever.