On April first we had a substantial snowstorm.  (Not an April Fool’s joke.) It was very wet and heavy; great for making a snowman.  I have to get the snow off the roof of our SUV before I can drive it.  If I don’t remove that snow I will see some blue lights and have to make a contribution to our city budget. Actually it isn’t that difficult.  We live on the top of a hill and if I go 35 mph going down the hill and slam on the brakes the snow keeps moving forward and slides right down the windshield and over the front of the car.  It’s called inertia.  A moving object wants to keep moving and a resting object wants to stay resting.
I believe we have psychological inertia. Once I am in my chair and my eyelids start to droop, all I want to do is stay put. When I go for a walk the first 100 yards demand determination, after that I can walk and walk and walk.  It’s the same with our Christian walk.  We get busy and the daily demands of life crowd out our walk with Jesus.  To get it started again requires thought, planning and determination. Once we are back in the habit it becomes easy.
I do recommend planning.  Just picking up your Bible and reading randomly isn’t really the best plan. If you’re fortunate you will open to a meaningful passage, but you are just as likely to open to an obscure passage in Leviticus or a chapter of begets.  Treat yourself and read the Gospel of Mark completely in one sitting.  You will find it to be absolutely delightful and it doesn’t take long. It is only sixteen chapters.