Love Rarely Makes Sense

When my older son was three we parked by a meter.  I reached into my pocket for a dime but inadvertently dropped it and watched it fall into a storm drain.  It wasn’t very deep and I could see the dime. I thought I could pick up the drain cover and lower my son in to pick up my shiny dime. But it looked very dirty and who knew what else was down there.  There was no way I would lower my son into a sewer for any amount of money.
But that is exactly what God did with His Son.  He lowered Him into this sewer of sin not with a chance He would be harmed, but with the sure knowledge the rats would attack and kill Him.  There is no way He would have done that for any amount of silver or gold.  God owns all the silver and gold in the universe.  He did it for something far more precious – YOU.  You, the apple of His eye, are worth every pain, every lash of the whip, each nail, each thorn, each slap and each mocking insult. 
I cannot begin to think I am worth that.  Sorry, but I cannot think you are worth that.  But God’s love is so vast and so broad and so much deeper than I can imagine.  If He tells me I am worth it.  If He tells me you are worth it.  I will take Him at His word and believe His promise that He will return to take us to our eternal home.  When we first enter His throne room and see the splendid glory of Jesus we will thrill to think He left that for earth and the cross.   How can it be?  It doesn’t make sense.  But then love rarely does.