Perfect People

Because I was sitting on the platform in church this weekend I was able to carefully look at the faces of the assembled worshippers.  I am so glad we are not like birds, where individuals within a species all look alike.  (At least to me.)  People are wonderfully unique.  Starting with my wife who I think is stunningly perfect, my eyes roamed to a Latina behind her who was beautifully perfect.  Beside her was a balding middle aged man looking perfect.  Two rows back, there was an African American family with two of the most perfect children one could ever find.  Mom and dad were also perfect.
How was it that so many perfect people were assembled in one place?  Simple.  We had just finished the worship service prayer where the suppliant requested God’s forgiveness for the congregation.  God is so good.  He is so pleased to grant us the merciful benefits of Jesus’ sacrifice.  Jesus said in Luke 12:32, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”  Our wish to be perfect is God’s command.  Really!  It is not arrogant to think that we should be able to command God to do something because in this one important issue it makes Him happy.
What I found to be so satisfying as I looked up and down the pews was the perfection of the assembled shone from the inside out.  People glowed and when people glow they are beautiful.  They didn’t need perfect cheekbones and perfectly white straight teeth.  They had a perfection so much better.  They were perfect in Jesus and it doesn’t get any better than that.  Ever.