The Super Market Checkout Lanes

Our supermarket has ten checkout lanes.  Yesterday there was only one open with eight people waiting in line.  To add insult to injury there were four employees chatting over at the service counter.  I don’t usually consider myself an activist, but this exceeded my sense of how to conduct a business.  Therefore, I called out very loudly to the four that it just might be beneficial if they stopped talking and opened up more checkout lanes.  Seven of the eight people in line applauded.  The eighth didn’t have to, she was being processed.  (And yes they did open two more checkouts.)
Now let me see.  There are presently 7.1 billion people on earth.  There is only ONE god.  Perhaps half of those people are worshipping, as Daniel says, “. . gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or understand.”  That still leaves 3.5 billion people to pray to the one and only living, hearing God.  That is a lot of people potentially standing in line. 
Now, this is where it really gets good.  There is no waiting in line.  There is no waiting for our number to be called.  Each person gains instant access.  One of the great human needs is for attention. We crave attention.  It is built into our psyche.  Yesterday I watched a child throw all his books from his desk onto the floor.  His teacher had been ignoring him. (At least he thought so.)   When I was in line at the supermarket I didn’t throw my groceries on the floor.  Instead I just yelled.  But we don’t have to yell at God.  This amazing Father hears the pleadings of our hearts and is right there with all the attention we need.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful God. How grand!