So Much Air

We didn’t have any water when we got up this morning.  I’m guessing there was an abundant use of cologne in our neighborhood this morning as people headed out to work.  When I went out to pick up the morning paper I looked up the street and noticed a city employee opening a fire hydrant.  I first heard a rush of air followed by a sputtering of water and then a gush.  To get a flow of water he first had to vent all the air out of the line.  “Wow,” I thought, “just like church.  Once all the hot air is vented we get to the Water of Life.”  Actually, I wish that were true.  Sometimes the Water of Life never appears.  It is all air.
I worry about preaching.  Paul very politely calls it foolishness.  “God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.”  I Corinthians 1:21.  I am often amazed at the patience of the saints.  I have seen them sit for over an hour at times listening to a series of platitudes strung together with little or no Water of Life.  I hear the saints saying “amen” to ideas they have heard a thousand times.  Perhaps if they hear a new idea they have to process it before they can say “amen” and that takes time. 
And yet, as Paul says, people are saved despite our muddled efforts.  I have come to believe the gift of tongues spoken of in Acts does not have to be foreign languages.  I think it is often the gift of ears as the Holy Spirit intervenes and whispers to each what each needs to hear.  I’m almost sure of it because sometimes people thank me for saying something I know I did not say!  Lord, forgive my hot air.