Don’t Throw Away Your Floss

If you are feeling guilty about not flossing last night I have good news for you.  According to the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services there is no research evidence supporting the hypothesis that flossing is beneficial to dental and gum health.  The counsel we have received for decades has been based on a hunch.  But, that is what a hypothesis is – a hunch.  Many reasonable hypotheses have bitten the dust through the years for lack of supporting evidence. Until such evidence is produced we accept what seem to be many good ideas by faith.  Lack of evidence does not make the hypothesis wrong.  It merely means we do not have empirical evidence to support the hypothesis as being true.  So don’t throw away your floss.
There are many things in life we accept by faith.  Some scientists would have us believe there is empirical evidence proving macroevolution.  There isn’t.   However, there is evidence supporting microevolution. Bacteria can morph and become resistant to drugs.  It is a huge problem.  We have to continue developing new drugs if we are to stay ahead of bacterial adaptation.  But macroevolution is accepted by faith.  There is a huge leap of faith accepted when one moves from microevolution to macroevolution.
Those who believe in creation by an intelligent being have not enough empirical evidence to prove our position.  We accept creationism by faith because to us it makes more sense than believing something as marvelous as we happened by chance.   We must never let anyone browbeat us into thinking our position of creationism is an inferior position.  Those who believe we are the product of a secession of favorable mutations are believers just as are creationists.