Change You Can Count On

His birth caused mankind to change the calendar.  His touch changed a leper into a whole, healthy man.  His gentleness changed a woman’s life after He told her to go and sin no more.  His command changed a grieving father’s sorrow into tears of joy when his little girl started to breathe.  His blessing changed a little boy’s lunch into a banquet for 20,000 people. His command changed a raging storm into a tranquil sea.  His silence changed a court scene into an out of control mob.  His call changed the rotting flesh of a man dead for three days into a vibrant, living soul.  His generosity changes us from lost degenerates into good, kind, loving citizens of His Father’s kingdom.  His love changes our sin-stained heavenly records into documents of impeccable righteousness.  His command will change this planet into the home for the New Jerusalem. 
We are hearing much about change these days.  If you are looking for change, real change, look no further than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are told that the more things change the more they stay the same.  That’s true in politics.   But we are not talking about the selfish ways of men.  We are talking a real change that will not be the same old, same old.  The change Jesus brings is real and eternal.  So if you are tired of ageing, tired of disappointing yourself and others, tired of the gruesome news of the day, tired of being separated from loved ones by death, then change your life right now.  Change to Jesus’ side and life will be an endless adventure of change as you grow more and more like Him.   That is awesome change.