Too Much Down Time

 We have just experienced the most perfect weather ever for a 4th of July. I am starting to believe that climate change is going to make me very rich.  I see on the national weather map the horrendous heat and vicious storms resulting from the heat and I think all the people who moved away from New England and went to Florida and Arizona will soon be moving back thus driving up housing demands and real estate prices.   Of course that does present a problem because it does not help me to have real estate prices go up unless I want to sell and move to northern Maine.  In the meantime my real estate taxes will continue to soar because of the increased value of my yard.  Climate change is going to make me poor.  Oh dear, life can be so complex!
Going to heaven will nullify the old expression the only two things sure in life are death and taxes.   Since there will be no death in heaven that just leaves the tax issue on our heavenly mansions.  If I fail to pay will my mansion be taken over by the city government of New Jerusalem leaving me homeless?  Perhaps being homeless in Heaven will not be so bad.  If I push my shopping basket around the golden streets will there be a really great supply of good things in your trash?  If I recycle cans I retrieve from you perhaps I can take them to the can squashing machine at the L & F?  That is the name for a universal chain of supermarkets called Loaves and Fishes.
As you can tell I have had way too much down time today.  Tomorrow will be better.  I promise.