Like Father Like Son

When I graduated from Andrews University my father drove from Penn. to Mich. to see the grand event.  After my name was called and I walked across the platform he stood up and said for many to hear, “Well, that’s what I came for” and he left.  He went home.  So, last evening my granddaughter graduated from high school in Bronxville, NY.  There were about 120 in her class and she was the very first name called.  That meant my reason for being there was finished.  Why should I sit outside in the sun and watch 119 more people graduate when I knew none of them.  So, like father like son, I started to get up to leave.  Alas, my wife grabbed me and made me sit down for the duration.
Jesus said it and I believe it on this Father’s Day weekend, “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.”  John 14:9   God, the Father, gets the blame for all manner of tragedies.  The Old Testament writers were notorious for doing it and humans haven’t stopped since.  But one of the reasons Jesus came here was to show us what God was really like.  We need to put the blame for tragedies on the being that is really at fault.  Just as we cannot see Jesus mercilessly killing innocents neither should we see the Father doing so.
I am hoping in heaven there is not a grand celebration service where each of the redeemed have their name called and they go up to the throne to get a diploma. In Revelation 7:9 we read that the multitude is numberless.  I mean I’m happy for everyone who is saved but I just don’t want to sit there that long.  There is a multitude of other things to do on my heavenly to-do list.