The Red Button

You cannot watch the 6:30 evening network news without being bombarded with drug commercials.  I am fascinated with all the acronyms for newly invented disorders.  “If you have a severe case of ISN please be sure to ask your physician for a prescription of IJ19.”  “Don’t take IJ19 if you are allergic to IJ19.”  Duh!  Why would anyone take anything if one is allergic to it?  I remember being in the hospital with a morphine pump and reacting so seriously to just one press of the red button they immediately took the red button away from me.  Did they really think I was stupid enough to press it again?
However, people don’t seem to be overly bright regarding sins.  Sin is anything that is not good for us.  That’s why God calls them sins. Yet, we seem to keep going back to them over and over.  Perhaps the issue is that often the allergic reaction is delayed and the results don’t manifest themselves until it is too late.  God regards us as being more intelligent than the nurses regarded me.  He doesn’t take away the red button.  He counts on us exercising our free will to take care of ourselves.  In other words, God respects us and doesn’t treat us like children.  Now if only we would act more responsibly.
God is so amazing.  He is so anxious to have us with Him for eternity He actually forgives us for our reckless behaviors and will on resurrection morning give us a brand new body and brain.  However, we will still have free choice and God is counting on us being smart enough to never again “press the red button.”  See I Corinthians 15:51–54.