No Watered Down Promises

Starbucks is being sued because they are underfilling their cups.  I know it is shocking to many but an unscientific study indicates they advertise their Venti cold drink contains 24 ounces and it only has 14 ounces.   The rest is ice.  When will the mayhem stop?
Lest you be tempted to think no one keeps their promises let me assure you there is no mayhem in heaven.  When God promises something He means it!  It is never watered down with ice or anything.  We are promised eternal life.   That is not a million years.  That is not 100 million years.  That is forever.  Obviously there has to be intervention of some sort.  The way we are now I am not sure I want to live to be a hundred.  I know that for sure when I get out of my easy chair.  If it feels like this now what will it feel like at hundred.  I would need an entire bottle of Ibuprofen just to stand up.
We are talking about eternity where we continue to develop.  Next earth year we will be better than last earth year. (I’m not sure how we will count years.)  Last week some middle aged man prayed with my wife and asked God to bless her now that she is in her sunset years.  Oh dear.  He is very fortunate he got to say amen.
Since God never waters down a promise try this one.  “To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy. . .” Jude 24   If you have a nagging guilt about something in your past, ask for forgiveness and forget it.  He is able.