God Loves Us Cowbirds

Ornithologists are suspicious that birds can count.  Cowbirds create a scenario that gives credence to this unusual ability.  Cowbirds are really lousy parents.  They are the worst.  They have no idea how to change diapers or do any of those essential parental things so they wait for another species of bird to leave their nest.  They quickly swoop in, toss an egg out of that nest, and replace it with their own.  The other bird sees the same number of eggs they had when they left, so they raise the cowbird, which is often bigger, which then eats most of the food brought to the nest often to the fatal determent of the babies that belong in that nest.
Spring is definitely here because I saw a returned cowbird at our feeder this morning.  My first inclination was to think, “You lousy so and so. (It most likely really does have lice.)  Go somewhere else. You aren’t welcome here.”   Then I remembered Jesus welcoming me into His family.  How much do I sin?  Let me count the ways!  I am selfish.  I think I’m better than certain groups of people.  I use more than my share of this world’s resources.  My carbon footprint is huge.  I hang up on telemarketers.  I resent people that cut me off in traffic.  Humm.  I better stop before I get to the juicy sins.
I love Romans 5, “God demonstrated His love for me while I was a cowbird.”  Well, actually it says, “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  But it means the same.
By the way, if birds can count why can’t they recognize that big greedy child isn’t theirs?  I guess they aren’t as bright as I thought.