Real Intelligence

We awoke this morning to yet more senseless acts of violence instigated by ignorance and hate.  As we listened to news reporters describing the scenes of destruction we heard words and phrases like “sophisticated,” “masterminded by,” “highly trained,” “well coordinated.”   I would like to register my complaint that media glorify these haters with such terms.  It does not take a brilliant mind to destroy, blow-up or shoot.  It does not take training to push a button that ends not only one’s own life but the lives of those around you.  A monkey can press a button.  Anyone with the intelligence of a three-year-old can walk into a workplace where they are known and spray the room with bullets killing one’s colleagues.   Small children push over piles of blocks creating shambles.
Building things, designing living spaces, enhancing lives with technology, making communities safe from disease, providing food and clean water to third world countries, developing means by which people can be educated and provided with opportunities to earn a good living for their children, these are the things that take sophistication and high training.
For millennia Satan has been ruining this beautiful world God has created for His children.  Let us cease speaking of how clever and brilliant individuals are who destroy and create horror.  God and God’s children create and mastermind good things.  Satan and Satan’s deceived, misguided, mislead and ignorant children bring death.  Any ignoramus can take apart a cell phone.  Only the brilliant can put it back together so that it works.  Let us call sin by its right name and cease puffing up the egos of those who destroy and maim.  Yes God is good and God is great.  Why don’t they listen to their own message?